Squamous Cell Carcinoma Case Study: Duchess Thornhill

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Case Study: Duchess Thornhill

A case study about squamous cell carcinoma.

It is clear that the utilization of targeted therapy has proven beneficial in improving patient quality of life, extending survival time with minimal disease progression, and having an overall positive impact on patient care.

Duchess is a 13 year 6-month-old female spayed Yorkshire Terrier who was initially diagnosed with left tonsillar squamous cell carcinoma in November of 2019.

Duchess’s owner first observed a left-sided cervical mass and lethargy, at which point she presented to VCA Animal Specialty & Emergency Center for thoracic radiographs and abdominal ultrasound.

A sedated oral exam was performed and biopsy samples were obtained from the mass. Histopathological results from the tonsillar biopsy were consistent with squamous cell carcinoma.


Dr. Gerry Post

Dr. Gerry Post has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 25 years specializing in veterinary oncology. He currently serves as Chief Veterinary Officer at the One Health Company.

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