One Health Day: Scientific Advisory Board Recognition

One Health Day: Scientific Advisory Board Recognition

In 2017, Ben Lewis and Christina K. Lopes cofounded the One Health Company, based on this concept of working to attain optimal health for people and animals. Their first offering, FidoCure, introduced the therapies that have been successfully used to treat humans with cancer into the world of veterinary medicine.

Like those mentioned in this quote, we assembled a board of key medical and veterinary advisors including multidisciplinary thinkers in the areas of canine and human oncology to help us positively impact the outcome for dogs with cancer.

In recognition of One Health Day, we invite you to meet this bold and forward looking group of professionals who help bridge the gap between canine and human cancer, effectively improving health on both sides of the leash.

Meet our Scientific Advisory Board Members

Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD

Leading the way as our Founding Advisor. Dr. Abernethy is the President of Clinical Research Platforms at Alphabet’s Verily. Previously, Dr. Abernethy was the FDA’s Principal Deputy Commissioner, and Chief Medical Officer/Chief Scientific Officer at Flatiron Health, acquired by Roche for $1.9B.

Bruce Littlefield, PhD

A widely published oncology researcher that has overseen several natural product based oncology drug discovery programs and holds numerous drug-development related patents. He holds the dual positions of Distinguished Scientist and Head, Translational Medicine in the Global Oncology Medical Affairs group at Eisai, a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Tokyo.

Nicola Mason, B.Vet.Med, PhD

Leader in canine and human immuno oncology translation, Dr. Nicola Mason leads a multi-institutional clinical trial effort to evaluate the safety and efficacy of treatment on canines with random recurrent cancers. She also leads the coordinating center for Canine Cancer Immunotherapy Trials (U24) as part of the Cancer Moonshot program.

Cheryl London, DVM, PhD, DACVIM

Research professor at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine; Tufts University and the Molecular Oncology Research Institute at Tufts Medical Center. Her research specializes in the molecular mechanisms driving spontaneous canine cancers like mast cell cancer and osteosarcoma.

J. Leonard “Len” Lichtenfeld, MD, MACP

Board-certified medical oncologist focused on health policy, COVID-19 and its impact on cancer care. He also serves as an advisor to companies interested in better understanding cancer research, drug and technology development and patient access. He most recently served as Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the American Cancer Society.

Corrie Painter, PhD

Research scientist, leading patient advocate at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and Deputy Director of Count Me In. She has more than a decade of experience developing patient-led care models and heading nationwide direct-to-patient genomics research on angiosarcoma.

Elinor Karlsson, PhD

World-leading authority on vertebrate genomics, Dr. Karlsson is the Director of the Vertebrate Genomics Group at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and Professor of Bioinformatics and Integrative Biology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Her work evaluates evolutionary history to understand the function of the human genome in ways that can advance healthcare.

James Zou, PhD

Dr. Zou works on a wide range of problems in machine learning (from proving mathematical properties to designing new probabilistic models) and is especially interested in applications in human genomics.

Gerry Post, DVM · MEM · DACVIM

Dr. Post is the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of The Veterinary Cancer Center, a specialized veterinary practice dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in animals. He is one of only a few hundred board-certified veterinary oncologists in the United States and has more than 25 years of practice experience.

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