HSA Genomic Data: FidoCure® and Mason

On August 13, 2020, FidoCure® hosted a webinar with Dr. Nicola Mason, B.Vet.Med, PhD, DACVIM (Internal Medicine).

HSA Genomic Data: FidoCure® and Mason

On August 13, 2020, FidoCure® hosted a webinar with Dr. Nicola Mason, B.Vet.Med, PhD, DACVIM (Internal Medicine).

Dr. Mason is a Professor of Medicine & Pathobiology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine .

For those of you who missed it, the recorded version can be found here.

It was an incredibly informative and fun discussion, but most of all, it was encouraging and validating for the FidoCure® approach.

Among the key learnings:

  • There are at least 5 genetically distinct subgroups of hemangiosarcomas in dogs, based upon the driver mutations present or absent in the tumor.
  • There are clearly dogs with hemangiosarcoma that survive longer than expected.
  • We also found that the results from the 150 canine hemangiosarcomas FidoCure® sequenced were consistent with the results from the 50 canine hemangiosarcomas that Dr. Mason and her group analyzed.

It is incredibly exciting, and rare, that research findings are reproduced, especially when the replication is present in a real life application. This is a testament to the power of RWE.

Now that we know hemangiosarcoma in dogs can be subdivided into at least 5 different groups based upon driver mutation status, the next step is to determine what, if any, biologic differences exist between these groups.

Does one group have a better prognosis? Does one group have a worse prognosis?  

We can also ask similar questions about therapy.

Given the difference in driver mutations, and the resultant pathway dysregulations that occur secondary to these genetic changes, can we more effectively treat these aggressive tumors? We at FidoCure® believe this is possible.

FidoCure® is actively addressing the questions that, when answered, will lead us on a path to true personalized medicine for dogs with HSA.. Through the iterative approach of coordinating genomic information with targeted therapeutic approaches and then collecting and analyzing outcome data, our FidoCure® platform is poised to give veterinarians better and better information about what drugs work for which patients.

Please join us in the fight against hemangiosarcoma, the largest unmet need in canine cancer care.

By enrolling patients with FidoCure® and sharing their outcome data, you are not only helping your current patients, but can also help find better therapies for future patients.


Dr. Gerry Post

Dr. Gerry Post has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 25 years specializing in veterinary oncology. He currently serves as Chief Veterinary Officer at the One Health Company.

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