How it Works

FidoCure DNA Sequnce
1. Sequence DNA

Your vet sends tumor sample from the original biopsy used to diagnose the cancer for DNA sequencing.

FidoCure Cancer Mutations
2. Find Cancer Mutations

FidoCure® identifies genomic mutations and suggests targeted therapy that aims to precisely attack the cancer cells.

FidoCure Targeted Therapy
3. Treat with Targeted Therapy

Informed by FidoCure®, your veterinarian prescribes the appropiate treatment. Targeted therapies are administered orally at home.

Trusted by Vets to Guide Treatment

Interview with Dr. Gerald Post
What FidoCure® provides is really a unique piece of information, the genomic signature of that cancer , and so now veterinarians are able to use not only histology, and stage, and breed, but also the genomic signature in order to put together a treatment plan with more information.

— Dr. Gerald Post · DVM MEM DACVIM
Chief Veterinary Officer, One Health Company